Tactical Fitness Training

Take Ownership of YOUR Health and Performance

It's no wonder the sports medicine realm is starting to make their way over to the tactical side. Military, firefighters, and police are an underserved population until they are already in pain. Why not prepare your body for your job function?  Worried we do not understand your lifestyle or job stressors? We have worked with thousands of service members like you and truly are passionate about seeing you move and feel better. Our team can educate you on how to exercise properly, teach you proper form and technique, and customize programs to progress with you, not against you.

Did you find us too late? Already in pain? Let's work together to fix that. We understand you might have tried or are in physical therapy or another rehab service. We can work in cohesion with them AND keep everything else strong and functioning properly. The body works as interconnected links, so why neglect all the other links because one of them are not functioning properly. Aside from trauma, one of the links above or below is typically the cause of that problem.

How Can We Help You?

With an in person or an online customized program we can help you with:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Preparing for service entry
  • Weight loss
  • Increase lean muscle
  • Tactical Performance


John Fernandez
Army | Online Client


John is 33 and currently in the Army. He came to us looking to prepare physically for a deployment. His overall goal was to increase lean body mass and increase strength. BUT there as one problem...PAIN. He still had lingering pain from a rotator cuff surgery.

Every time he got into a rhythm with his training, John’s dang shoulder pain would come back. He fought through it. But then the pain would get so bad enough he’d have to stop training completely.

He was cleared from therapy, but still having trouble meeting his goals. The problem turned out to be limited range of motion in the thoracic spine and poor stabilizer muscles in the shoulder and scapula.

We designed a fully customized program that added range of motion, activated certain lagging muscles, and of course kept his strength and ability to put on lean muscle!

The result? John was back to training and out of pain within a few weeks.
John was able to go on his last deployment in peak fitness. Now he’s training to increase lean muscle mass.

"The team's ability to identify my problem, implement a solution for that problem,
and still allow me to train hard was incredible!"

Chalon Park
Police Officer | Former Military | In-person Client



Chalon is a current police officer with nagging injuries from her time in the military. Her current job requires her to be in top physical condition for her safety and safety of her fellow officers. Previous surgeries, discomfort during movement, and not training properly were holding her back in her job performance and her personal goals of looking leaner. Chalon tried piecing together random programs and diets that did not take into account her work schedule or current movement dysfunctions. Between working the 12 hour shifts sitting in a patrol car, nutritional inconsistencies, and poor sleep quality, Chalon’s progress was at a standstill. She was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

When Chalon started working with us, the solution was clear: we needed to get her out of pain. We took a step-by-step approach that attacked a problem that would yield big results. Movement competency was one of these problems. Once movement cleaned up, her pain quickly decreased. Now it was time to get to work and train for her job.

"I was blown away with their knowledge of the body.
I feel better than I have in years and can now perform my job with more confidence."

Bobby Bunker
Firefigher | Former Military | Online Client



Bobby is a current firefighter tired of being in pain and guessing how to train properly. He was just like you: hesitant to ask for help and trust a coach with his pain and livelihood.

See what he has to say about his experience so far:

Were you hesitant to start online training?

"I was afraid I’d be wasting money for some package I could just research myself. I made the decision after our initial call when I understood that you were going to tailor a progressive program to address my injuries and improve my overall functional athleticism to help me be better at my job."

How do you like the structure of your programs?

"The programming and program timing builds and adds new elements and exercises that keep my body from adapting too much to everything. I’m constantly challenged and I feel better than I have in years."

How have your thoughts changed now that we are a few months in?

"The programming I’m on is different from anything I’ve done in 20 years of exercising, but the results have been awesome. I’m feeling faster, stronger, and more agile than I have in years and am outperforming guys nearly half my age."


Not sure where to start to get out of pain?

Want to lose body fat or increase lean muscle mass?

Hopping from program to program without truly optimizing anything?

Time is your most precious resource. Do you really have time to waste on another ineffective program that isn’t customized to your hectic life?

If the answer is no, then it's time to take action. You can either continue on the path you’re going and look in the mirror each morning wondering, “what if.”

Are you ready to transform your body and take control of your life?



We are proud partners of Heroes Movement, a non-profit organization, that allows us to train veterans for free. We customize programs based off your needs and goals. Have pain? Let's work on that. Want to lose body fat? Let's burn some calories and learn about nutrition. Have a performance goal? You better be ready to work. Come feel better, move better, meet other vets in our community, and have fun!