Savannah Johnson - MS, Holistic Nutritionist

Born and raised in Southern California, Savannah grew up a devoted student and avid equestrian. Unfortunately, she had to take a break from both when she became sick with the Epstein Barr Virus. This experience spurred a passion for health at a young age. Her love of animals and medicine, coupled with her inherent nature to help those that cannot help themselves, led her to Vet Medicine. While she pursued a Bachelor’s in Animal Science (Pre-vet) from California Polytechnic University-Pomona, her family was experiencing numerous health issues. Becoming disheartened at the norm in the healthcare field, she realized animals are not alone in their need for advocacy and began to seek answers beyond the conventional medicine model. During this time, she discovered the power of food as medicine and questioned if becoming a vet was the right path for her.

While attending an interview at the vet school of her dreams (UC Davis), it became apparent to her that her utmost attention had turned to human healing. She began searching for graduate nutrition programs that were in line with her beliefs. She was accepted into the only Functional Medicine degree program currently available, which is at the University of Western States in Portland, Oregon. While working on her Master’s in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, she began interning with Certified Nutrition Specialists and Naturopathic Doctors and is now eligible to sit for the BCNS boards.

Although she started this journey with the intention to help others, she has fortunately been able to implement her knowledge in healing herself. Upon completing her internships and Master’s degree, she became her first client. She soon discovered she was experiencing HPA-axis dysregulation, mold toxicity, and hormone imbalances. While on her own health journey, she continues to immerse herself in the world of Functional Medicine by attending many conferences each year, some of which are hosted by the Institute of Functional Medicine, American College of Nutrition, Apex Energetics, Environmental Health Symposium, and Dr. Bryan Walsh. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.