Nutrition Services

Are you thinking to yourself, I need a nutritionist near me who knows nutrition is not a one size fits all system?

The nutritionists at Progressive Health & Performance know that not everyone will thrive eating the same foods. We aren’t genetically built the same way, we haven’t had the same environmental experiences and demands throughout our lifetimes, and our current lifestyles are different as well. This isn’t just a matter of calories, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. We’re talking about the deepest levels of how our bodies function.

We also know that different people need different levels of nutritional guidance and support. Whether you're battling tough health issues or just need some structure, our tiered nutrition programs are designed to meet you wherever you're at.

Who are you in regards to nutrition, health and wellness?

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Level 3

I'm at the end of my rope. I  have some serious health issues and I'm tired of taking prescriptions. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get well.


  • 1-on-1 Holistic Health Coaching
  • Functional nutrition testing
  • ​Weekly office meetings
  • Unlimited text/email support
  • 2 meal plans/month
  • $300 supplement credit
  • Weekly exercise classes
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Level 2

I've tried a few different diets but something still isn't right. I need help with accountability and want to look and feel healthier. I want a diet I can sustain long term instead of just another crash diet.


  • Weekly online classes
  • ​Online support group
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • Recipe E-book
  • Holistic program focusing on diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction, supplementation
vegetables and knife on a cutting board

Level 1

I have a good handle on health and wellness. ​No major health issues but I need some guidance and structure with meal planning and nutrition.


  • Monthly meal assessment
  • 2 meal plans/month personalized to the individual


​6 months
​3 months
​Month to Month

Want to get an idea of the type of tests we will run? Click below for a list of some of the more popular labs. Your recommended list of labs to run will be given to you by us once we know your individual situation.

Grocery Shopping

Feel lost at the grocery store in the midst of your diet changes? Let us walk you through your grocery list and help you get a grasp on things. In this 90 minute session you will receive:

  • ​Tips of where and how to get your items at the best price
  • Healthy item exchanges for your shopping list staples
  • Nutrition label education
  • Grocery store game plan
  • Tips on how to build your future grocery lists

Home Cooking Demonstration

Need some ideas on where to start with your new diet? Not used to cooking much at home? Let us give you an interactive session to help you cook some of your favorite recipes with a healthier twist or give you some others to open your eyes to new possibilities. In this 90 minute session you will receive:

  • ​Vital cooking tips and techniques for a healthy diet
  • Hands on help cooking your old recipes with a healthy spin
  • Hands on help cooking personalized meal recommendations
  • Multiple E-cookbooks with hundreds of healthy recipes