Marie Garcia Holistic Nutritionist

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia in a traditional Greek family, Marie’s love of Mediterranean foods and lifestyle inspired her to seek a greater understanding of what makes this lifestyle choice healthy. Fulfilling her pursuit for travel and knowledge, she discovered her passion to be involved in the health and wellness world had peaked when she moved to the United States. Due to her own health complications she implemented vast changes that lead her to discover that there is more to a healthy lifestyle than just the basics of eating well. She pursued her career in Holistic Nutrition to discover more about the biochemical individuality that makes each of us unique. Graduating from the Energetic Health Institute with 1000 hours of clinical training as an accredited Holistic Nutritionist, Marie began her journey of not only healing her own health, but also wanting to help and heal friends, family and anyone wanting to seek her professional advice. She then further received her Board Certification through the National Association of Natural Practitioners. Her true passion in the wellness world is educating and empowering individuals to take charge of their own health and create small changes every day. Change can be overwhelming at first, but small changes can manifest a lifestyle that will lead to healthy habits and awareness as a way of life.


Marie practices locally at our Murrieta location but she can also work with clients remotely across the country.