Maria Martinez

My journey in health and fitness began in high school through competitive sports - primarily soccer and basketball - which allowed me to see the benefits of utilizing training methods to get stronger and see what my body is capable of doing. While in undergrad I started to gain more knowledge about nutrition, physiology and human body movement. As I immersed myself deeper into these topics I began to recognize that each component plays a vital role in improving a person’s overall health. 

I truly feel that being a personal trainer is an act of service. My client’s goals - be that gaining mobility, losing weight, or improving athletic performance - are my goals. I come alongside my client to help them work to become the best versions of themselves and that is the ultimate reward. 

My experience has provided me with opportunities to work with a variety of individuals and I’m so grateful for it. Knowing that every client is at a different point in their life and fitness path, it’s a standard of mine to always tailor every program so that it is specific to that individual. Seeing the sacrifice and hard work that my clients put in motivates me on my own fitness journey. I love cheering them on, seeing their progress as well as their constant commitment to wanting better for themselves. 

With my background in kinesiology and determined mindset, I will always push myself to strengthen my skills as a trainer to better serve YOU.