Jordan Simpson - Kinesiologist

Born and raised in Southern California as the middle child of five athletes, Jordan still grew up as an obese child throughout his youth, regardless of how active he was. Jordan played every sport from baseball, football, soccer, track and field but his heart was always burning for hockey. Playing since he was four years old, after high school Jordan decided to take his passion to New York in pursuit of a hockey career. After two years of major junior hockey, Jordan played and studied at Hudson Valley Community in Upstate New York where his interest in Kinesiology started. As he learned more about sports nutrition, anatomy and physiology, Jordan was able to apply his knowledge to his teammates and himself and enhance their athletic performance. As Jordan's education continued at California State University, San Marcos, he realized this is knowledge and training that will be applied to him for the rest of his life but also help others live a healthier and happier life.
national academy of sports medicine