Recipe of the Week: Savory Chickpea Pancake

When you first discover that you or a loved one are intolerant or sensitive to gluten and have anti gliadin antibodies by an immune response it can be quite daunting giving up so many favorite foods. However, with many great alternative options out in the market place it need not be a scary transition into the gluten free world.Today's recipe I found at and I am excited to share this delicious alternative to a standard tortilla, savory pancake or simple wrap that tastes amazing with any topping you choose to add to it.  If you love that earthy flavor of chickpeas this recipe will not only satisfy your taste buds. It’s texture is a delight, it packs a nice protein punch, and contains fiber for a hearty breakfast or lunch. We recently served this recipe to a group of kids and parents at a free local event and it was a huge hit.

Due to its spongy consistency it can also easily replace egg omelets (for those of us that are allergic or vegan) and can be topped with ingredients such as avocado, homemade salsa, or grilled veggies to name a few. I have indulged in these delights for lunch more than a few times and each time garnish with different flavors.  What’s also great about this recipe is how quick and easy it is to make and if you wanted to make a bigger batch to have for another meal you can refrigerate the batter for the next day. 

This pancake is made with chickpea flour, aka garbanzo bean flour or besan, and can be purchased at most local health food stores. Locally, Organic Roots is your best bet. Brands like Bobs Red Mill are available, or you also have the option to scoop out your own amount from a bulk bin. It is also available to purchase from Amazon, Thrive market online or from a local Indian foods market.

I would not recommend using a stainless-steel skillet for cooking as the pancake might stick, however I tested on my go to cast iron griddle and it turned out beautifully. Non-stick skillets, as practical as they seem, are not recommended due to the toxins in Teflon that can leach into food.
For beautiful pics and step by step instructions on how to make these pancakes, you can click here.

Marie Garcia
​Holistic Nutritionist

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing such a delicious recipe. I would be glad if one of my family members is a nutritionist. The recipe you have shown us looks like very interesting and delicious. It is not just that, but it also looks like it is a healthy one to eat. My daughters and sons would really love this idea. Thank you for sharing your recommendations and insights, I would try to make this one for them and share it on the weekend.

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